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Debt management and consolidation services.

Debt management and consolidation services.


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Debt Management

Debt management is a way of helping you get your financial commitments back on track. If you are in debt and finding it difficult to manage, we can help you through either one of our debt consolidation or debt management plans.

Through the careful implementation of one of our debt management plans, we will help you to manage your debts once and for all. We will negotiate with all of your creditors and consolidate all of your unsecured debts to arrange a much lower, more affordable monthly payment.

How Much Can Debt Management Save Me?

In the majority of cases we can help reduce current monthly payments through a debt management plan by up to 70%. Often we can negotiate with your creditors so that you will pay back less through a debt management program than the amount you owed. The negotiation with your creditors involves providing proof to the creditor that you are unable to meet all of your contractual payments, which is where a debt management program is advised.

Will Debt Management Help?

We can also help you out with your debt problems through a debt management plan if you have had any adverse or bad credit against your name such as arrears or CCJ's. As soon as we have negotiated with your creditors and arranged a suitable debt management program you will be able to start enjoying life again, free from debt and free from money worries.

Important points to consider about debt management:

•  We will negotiate with your creditors to reduce your current outgoings into one low monthly payment.

•  We will request that your creditors freeze or reduce their interest charges on your outgoings and therefore agree to a new lower monthly payment.

•  When your interest charges are frozen, money is taken off the balance owed on the debt rather than being used to pay interest charges, therefore you are always reducing the capital amount of your debt.

•  One monthly payment to us is all that is necessary to instruct us to work on your behalf, your monthly payment is then equally dispersed among your creditors.

•  The debt management plan arranged by us ensures you can afford all of your essential bills.

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Debt Management


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